1. Seeing Trees

    As summer lingers, and the cooling nights suggest autumn’s approach, we begin to remember all that we love about fall. But, before the leaves begin to turn and fall from the trees, let’s embrace all the other great traits that trees hold.

    A trip to the Morris Arboretum last September reminded me how much I love trees - for their unique bark, branching, roots, and more. For instance, the wonderful spectrum of colors in the peeling bark of Acer griseum, and its almost metallic sheen. The curlicue branching of a Japanese maple, when standing under its lacy canopy. The fragrance of a Katsura tree in late summer when it perfumes the air with the smell of cotton candy. The regeneration of a new seedling from the remnants of another’s past life. And the thrill of being up high in the canopy of a tree, whether climbing, hiding out in a treehouse, or exploring the Morris’ Out on a Limb exhibit. There are so many other reasons to appreciate trees, especially now that I can almost smell the coming fall…

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