1. Tenleytown Gardens

    One of my favorite things about the neighborhood I grew up in are a few gardens I see on routine walks I used to take. I went back home this weekend to visit my family, and as per usual, my parents and I did the routine Saturday morning dog walk up to Fort Reno, passing by my three favorite gardens.

    The first one on the way is a garden across the street from Fort Reno. It’s infamous in my mind because of the two huge pomegranate shrubs in the front yard. There’s a profusion of orange-red blossoms this time of year that make the plants appear on fire. The flowers are large, with petals like crepe paper that emerge from a thick, fleshy calyx. I love watching the fruit form on pomegranate, as both fruit and flowers retain the intense scarlet color. One of these days I’m going to come back for some cuttings….

    On the way home from the park, we cut through an alley to see our friends’ back yard garden. They planted into a retaining wall using native prairie plants that looked stunning in the morning light.

    The last garden on our walk is one we just discovered. They have several little vignettes of plants with objet d’art scattered throughout their garden. I loved their planters of aloes and the funky table with foreign coins, succulents, with a clematis twining its way up. 

    That sums up my favorite sights in the ‘hood. I’ll hopefully be back next weekend with some more shots.

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