1. Blackberries: all day everyday

    Wish I’d known this about blackberries before consuming entire hedgerows full of them these past few days. They’re finally ripe, and when within reach and not surrounded by stinging nettle, they’re the perfect snack for long walks - packed with antioxidants and low in calories. Who knew they were also packed with polyols? Not me.

  2. I love helianthus!

  3. Savill Garden: Rose Garden - part 2

    I didn’t do the rose garden justice in my last post. Here are a few of the roses I think currently look their best in terms of vigor, bloom, and black spot - Sally Holmes, Scarborough Fair, Molineux, Pearl Drift, and Scepter’d Isle.  

    And a few more pics of the space to give you an idea of the design features - the curvilinear beds that spin out from the raised walkway and the wands of grasses that extend beyond the garden. And flaws - namely tight spaces for people and air movement/flow alike.

  4. Savill Garden: Dry Garden

    I want a dry garden so bad. I miss working in the gravel garden at Chanticleer when I was a seasonal gardener. It was hot all day, but it was rewarding. Last week I had the opportunity to work in the Savill’s dry garden with its section gardener Heather.

    The dry garden is gorgeous - one of my favorite areas in the Savill. Right now it’s a sea of grasses and dieramas in flower and in seed, punctuated by tall Junipers, copper-barked arbutus, old Amur maackia, silvery-blue Elaeagnus, lacey-black Sambucus, and other choice specimens. Seedheads of thapsis, phlomis, digitalis, and alliums stick up amongst soft masses of alchemilla, geraniums, and teuchrium. Papery thin flowers of lavatera and romneya catch the light. Dancers like knautia and gaura bob about. Stiff yucca and eryngium stand firm, while next year’s fuzzy verbascum stalks are mere rosettes crouching in open spaces. 

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